Vin Diesel’s Side of the Charlize Theron

These are some funny Dialogues of Vin Diesel in the show ” The Ellen Show“. I hope you will love that.

Vin Diesel's

Well, congratulations Mr. The Fast and

The Furious it think they say is gonna crosslike a billion today, or something.

It’s just opened, it’s the biggest opening ofall time it’s-

>> That’s amazing.

>> It’s pretty amazing.

>> I mean it’s gonna cross a billiontoday, while we’re sitting here.

>> Yeah, right now.

>> You said, you don’t have a watch on,did you forget your watch?

>> I forgot my watch.

>> Darn it. >> I have one.

>> Could I use your watch please, for aminute?

I’m kidding,

>> Thank you.

>> She just wants you to have something ofhers.

>> So this is amazing cuz you didn’t even,

you don’t believe in sequels you thought thereshould not be a sequel.

>> Initially, that’s

>> That’s true, that’s true.

Back in the 80s and 90s, if you sequelized amovie,

you lost every chance of it being a classic, orbeing something special.

And so, I turned down the first two attempts fora sequel.

And then they said, okay, you write it, youproduce it.

And I said, okay and now we’re here with the,

it gets- >> Amazing.

>> Only cuz of you.

>> Then, and their good movies.

Vin Diesel Side of the Charlize Theron Kiss Story

It’s a combination it has to be a good movie forthem to go see it,

and love it the way they love it, so >>There’s a people think of

the explosions, and the submarines, and

us out doing each, action set piece, love it.

The core, it’s love.

>> Mm-hm.

>> At the core it’s all love, so that’swhat makes Fast And Furious what it is.

>> Speaking of love, let’s talk aboutCharlize.

So Charlize Theron- >>

>> Or Throne, or Theron, so many ways to-

>> There-on.

>> Throng.

>> So there’s a quote here, his character,this is about the kiss.

>> Yeah.

>> His character’s just, she said this onthe show,

it’s just frozen like a dead fish, and he->> What?

>> Yeah.

>> What?

>> Come on, guys,

do I look like a dead fish?

>> Wow.

No that looks like a Connie Corleone that’ssaying,

don’t do this in front of many.

>> That’s what that is.

>> I know.

She said- >> Yeah?

>> Let me just continue- >> Okay.

>> I want you to defend yourself.

>> Yes!

His character’s just frozen like a dead fish.

>> What?

What just- >> He’s saying its the bestkiss ever.

It was the most psychotic kiss ever in thiswhole speel about how lips dont lie.

I like a little more movement in my men.

>> Movement in your men.

>> Can I say something.

Okay, first of all you don’t come on Ellen with

the wonderful animation of Finding Dory and

comparing me to a dead fish.

>> Right or wrong.

 >>Go ahead.

>> I’m not sure what happened, but, yeah.

>> I don’t know how that solved anything,

but that’s fine.

All right, Guardians of the Galaxy.

You just are in just like blockbuster afterblockbuster,

and this is the first movie, I think, is thisthe first movie your kids can go see?

>> It’s the first movie that my kids cansee.

It’s I took them to the premiere.

>> And did they love it?

>> They loved it.

>> Did they know that was you?

Could they figure that out?

>> Well, my son was part of the reason whyI became Groot.

My son was, I brought home a book of conceptart.

>> Mm-hm.

>> From Marvel.

And I said who do you Marvel wants Daddy toplay?

>> And my son picked the tree and I waslike are you okay?

>> And now whenever we’re driving in

the country and we see trees my sons goes Daddyit’s your brothers and sisters.

>> That’s adorable, that’s sweet.

>> I brought my daughter here on thisshow.

>> I know, I know.

>> They love you, and they love this show,and they love Finding Dory, and

they love you.

>> Sweet as can be, yeah,

she was like three years old when she was here,I think.

>> That’s right.

>> We were outside racing tricycles.

>> Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is out

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