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Vijay Shankar is a great indian cricketer.

Vijay Shankar is born in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu in 1991 on January 26. His current age is 28 years and 84 Days.

Vijay Shankar is Allrounder. His batting style is Right-Hand-Batsman and Vijay Shankar bowling style is Right-Arm-Medium.

Vijay Shankar IPL 2018

Shankar is the best cricket player in the world he represents Indian National Cricket Team. Shankar made his debut in T20 in 2018 against Sri Lanka.

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vijay shankar Career Info

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vijay shankar

for someone who was just at skipping a few days back now, Rajesh Shankar has knocked onto the national selectors and he’s been picked up for the t20 series that’s gonna happen in Shillong cuz shortly joining us now is village ANCA

Q=which is, first of all, a huge congratulations from our and for making it back to the Indian side any special feeling for it?

Thank you and yeah definitely it’s a big big moment for me and I’ve been working hard on my own all the aspect of my game and all the etudes have been very important for me and think I’ve done this nobly well there so this call is very important for me definitely.

Q=This is not the first time you’ve knocked onto the selector’s door you were part of the Sri Lankan squad which went for Test series as well but sadly you did not play any game there but looking forward to playing the game now because you have a much younger team going for the t20 series against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh?

yeah definitely know whenever we get into some team itis very important for us to know play and do well there and learn a lot from that particular match or from that tournament so I always look things in that aspect like you know to learn a lot and improve my cricket every time so that is one thing very constant for me so I think even this tour I look to know to improve a lot.

Q=this also has couple mobilized from Tamilnadu you have teenageCeltic and we have Washington from there as well so the dressing room familiarity will that work in your favor going into the series now?

yeah definitely but other than these two I think all the other players also know very familiar and played the eight toes with most of them so it will be very easy for me and even during the test series you know when I was with the team it was very easy for me I was on my own and didn’t have any pressure and no be sitting inside resting or something so I was just enjoying my stay with the Indian team that time.

Q=so you looking forward to playing the road so much captaincy now because Koli has been given a test now and Samoa is going to take with the range from them so do you think that going to help you as well because in theIPL players have been picked up on my appeal and sent on such tours do you think is going to help you going forward

yeah definitely as cricket as you know we are we have to keep improving our cricket so that is the only thing so you know playing under any captain is a and playing for India’s a dream for for any player and represented in the country is the topmost thing and doing well there is like you know the dream so we’re looking forward to this and you know as I told earlier itis important for me to learn and improve my cricket every time.

Q=Not many know that you were a part of the CSKA set up earlier for the first couple of years of your IPL then you moved on I decided but now we have a daredevil so you’ve worked under – Antonio, you work in the DavidWarner now you work with the Kohl years in the Test series and now no Rohit Sharma so you probably worked around the best captain’s what is your take on every single one of them no comparisons of course but would you how do every individual stand out?

Every individual Ithink they have a very special thing with them and be Dhoni or beat one or who itas I think they all have something special with them and I actually when Iwas with the demon even when I’m not playing when I was not playing I always you know watch the game with good intent so that I can get something out from that game not just as player you know what’s the game someone like a captain so I know I can read the game I can you know analyze what is happening I alwaysgo back and think about what exactly happened in that particular game whenthey have played or not so that was very important for me being with the team because sitting with the team for 100 is like you know it’s not that easy sounless we know put ourselves in that situation you know where we can improve and learn something from each outing it is very difficult to know get that one enough man’s going so that’s how I youknow every time when ever I know may be the team I always you know think of watching the game with good intent so that I can get at least one or very few things you know which can change my cricket and I felt being with that team and learning you know watching them watching the top players play have helped me when I went back and played for Tamil Nadu.

Q=you know to freak about Tamil Nadu you become the skipper for the Tamil Nadu team as well so how was your journey been because you’ve learned from the best already I know a captain at a very young age for the stateside?

so I was that externalChileans been and taking fold into your stateside it’s very special moment because when I started playing cricket playing forth um nada was my first dream and leading thumb nada was like was definitely a dream and no place like Dinesh Karthik or Ravi J or Russian when they play under me it’s like a different field so because I’ve been looking up to all these players when I was showing so that you know gave me good confidence and I personally felt I’m getting better as cricketer when I you know lead a team and taking up the responsibility and taking the team through is something it happened for me I learned that in the last few years lost a couple of years when I let Tamela do so where you know I feltI’m getting better you know in terms of taking responsibility in turn in terms of assessing what is happening inside or no lose.

Q=So Virat Kohli has also said that the looking at you as a backup option for Hardik Pandya no comparisons to complete different type of individuals but do you think we’ll be able to fill in the shoes of in bowling all Toronto going into the series?

it is very important for me to know to deliver whatever I have what is the best that I have I think I have to go there and do that is the only thinking that I always have whether I play a league match whether I play for country it is now one important thing for me is to give my best give my you know 100% and get better for each and every day best practices in order match it is very important for me to get better as a cricketer and definitely you know when Igo there and you know when they see me like a bowling alternate is very important for me to deliver whatever the team requires at that particular moment and definitely I look to know do well there and improve my cricket.

Q=you know you’ve been coming up the ranks from Tamilnadu you have the likes of mullah which I win and DK as well in your downside so learning from them has been has helped you a lot I guess because VijayAshwin and DK have been a campaign affordable team India for a long long time especially in the longest format

definitely you know when you have top players from the fromState and it is very important for us to know to interact with them and know what is happening there so that when we go there will be a little easier for us to know to adapt to different situations and conditions and I definitely remember lotto know I had a lot of discussions with VJ or DK but now they were there with the Tamil Nadu team so that you know I always you know ask them how they know adapt to different conditions and and I remember the VJ helping me out during a game against Mumbai where you know it just told me a very small thing and I felt that changed my cricket since then it has been a big impact so definitely having top place in the time in the team is like very important and you get to learn a lot from them the way they prepare the way no they get onto the field and all those.

Q=speaking about the match against Mumbai it is one point where you were probably would not have made it to the terminal side again but you proved the credentials to crucial9090 or trans risk or Dogen Mumbai would you say that that was a career-changing option for you going forward now that I look back four five years down the line?

definitely that was one of the most important innings of my career definitely because I’m pretty sure that you know if I had not scored that game I would have been dropped from the thumb now decide so after that you know we got qualified for the knockouts I did well in the one coach we reached the final and we couldn’t win but I think I had nearly decent season and I know I was able to break into the India ace I did well for the India side and lot more happened after that so that training was one of the most favorite and important innings of my career till now.

Q=And what about playing along with the Rahul Dravid because he’s been the code for the India and under-19 sides well how big an impact has in your career so far?

It’s been a big impact because the time I started playing I used to watch him watch his innings and what and when I had the opportunity to play with him together in the league match in Chennai he was special for me and my first till now all the individuals you knowI’ve been under him and he’s been kindaGannicus really well and then even a small thing that you know comes out from him we will make a big impact for us soI’ve been enjoying although all the still enough so I think all the eight toes have mattered a lot for us to get into this Indian side.

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