Top 10 Angry Celebrity Moments

These are the Top 10 Angry Celebrity Moments of famous Hollywood stars and Singers like Kanye West, Paris Hilton, Samuel L Jackson, etc.

Top 10 Angry Celebrity Moments

Niki Minaj

And now back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me to another day in the press Miley what’s good, we’re all in this industry we all do interviews and we all know how they manipulated Nicki congratulations and just because the VMAs have already started doesn’t mean that the voting is done.

Snoop Dogg

You five hours late here no we just saw you on Twitter they could be happyI’m here to ask some real questions yeah was just wondering what you do what you know why you were so late and I saw you were twittering about stuff me being stuff that the porter I was late cuz I went to go get some chicken wings that why I was late.

Jesse Eisenberg

Say you have a like a snap card trick that you learned your stuff sure yeah brought a card do you know the comedian carrot top yes horrible well you were like the carrot top of interviewers yeah no one it’s a good thing no don’t cry no cry after the interview is over because otherwise, I’ll look like it was I’m responsible for okay so you are well I don’t want to know that though you know how I said your name at the camera what else do you want for me magic drink okay all right we can wrap this up hey my time can I just have you say my name into the camera just the word Romina my name not a word and what’s gonna happen so we’ll skip itI’ll do the thing I just want to know like like what to give it like if we just broke up I probably wouldn’t say anything then you’re trying to find me in a crowded place okayRomina I would never hear you the thing is I actually didn’t want to find I was actually hoping to stay alone.

Burt Reynolds

a few celebrity appearances get as physical as when Burt Reynolds was onThe Tonight Show with then Nickelodeon host mark summers that were the time where his financial situation was not good Loni Anderson and he was divorcing from the beginnings for Burton seemed to be looking for trouble I just said could you back this to me and I was just talking to a back but things got worse when Mark tried to get Burke back I thought he had knocked my tooth out I have no idea what was going on eventually mark did get revenge the audience loved it they stood absolutely stood up because they were not happy with him that night they thought he was mistreating me it all ended with a pie fight he hugs me whispers in my ear I only did that because I really liked you I have no idea what that meant at the time it was great television.

Samuel L Jackson

The reaction that Superbowl commercial what Super Bowl commercial look-likes all black and famous you are guilty I am guilty – I am guilty Superboy for this slide you don’t know the difference.

Bill Gates

Q=you saw the results of the Senate investigation into Microsoft’s tax affairs and the allegation that about four million dollars worth of taxes day wasn’t being paid because of the way that Microsoft manage their affairs what did you think?

Ans=I think that’s about as incorrect a characterization of anythingI’ve ever heard it was the allegation that was no it’s just simply which aspect you sold whoosh the idea that Microsoft didn’t pay its taxes it’s not that Microsoft didn’t pay taxes it’s that they could have paid more taxes voluntarily yes by choosing to organize their Affairs differently rather than running them through Puerto Rico, yeah your numbers are just completely wrong so you know the rules our Sat I paid more taxes than any individual ever and who has lease aw I should pay more but I paid over six billion in taxes how do you persuade people that it’s their political or moral duty to pay more tax in order there can be some sort of redistribution you make sure that they follow the law and pay their taxes if they don’t you put them in jail it seems to work bill gates thank you very.

Paris Hilton

much time that the people who have followed in your footsteps like Kim Kardashian overshadowing you no not at all about your moment having passed you want to wrap up.

Kanye West

A West caught in an on-camera confrontation with a photographer at LAXhe’s sparked of paparazzi before but this one got physical fast a big question now will lead to a criminalchargeABC’s Lindsay Davis has the details what this law despite the paparazzo splicosome on Carter peak over Kanye lost his cool Friday at the Los Angeles Airport after a photographer who reportedly refers to himself as Dano continued to hound him no no come on Kanye I want to fight with you moments later as Kanye lunges at the photographer who records the entire incident but without our photos capture the dramatic confrontation this one of Kanye apparently trying to wrestle the camera out of the paparazzo his hands and here Kanye appears to put the paparazzi in a headlock now watch again from the perspective of another photographer perhaps an instance of life imitating art and Kanye’s song new slaves from his new album that debuted at number one on the charts last month he sings so going bad they’re reported.

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